Cancellation / Reschedule

We ask for 24-hour notice for all cancellation and rescheduling of appointments

A fee of $100 will be charged for cancel/reschedule with less than 24-hour notice.

A fee of $300 will be charged for cancel/reschedule on the same day as your scheduled appointment, or if our photographer arrives and cannot photograph the project.

If the project is not shoot-ready when our photographer arrives we may have to reschedule your appointment to ensure quality service to you and our other clients on schedule.

Preparing for your shoot

Preparing for your shoot is important. You’ll want to have everything in place before the photographer arrives. Remove distracting clutter and anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of decor for your particular project. We want everything to look like it’s there on purpose, not like it was left there and missed. Removing things you might not think about like phone chargers, bathroom toiletries (including shower items), animal-related items (bowls, toys, beds, etc) and anything with excess cords will help ensure better images as well as provide the best use of time for the photographer. Assume the camera will see everything as you go room to room in preparation for your photo shoot.

Note that we are not responsible for the cleaning or preparation of project/listing, nor are we responsible for the moving of large, heavy, or fragile objects. If screens need to be removed to photograph through windows please remove them before we arrive.

It is the responsibility of the client, agent and or homeowner to make photographers aware of any items that are not properly working and may cause damage i.e. electrical, water, broken blinds and anything else that may have to be turned on/off moved or adjusted by photographers during shoots. Brian Cole Photography and photographers/employees are not responsible for any damage that occurs from reasonable and ordinary use of such items.  

Image Delivery

Your finished images will be delivered by email

It is a great idea to add to your safe sender list as to help keep emails out of your junk/spam folder

You will receive an email containing a link(s)to our Dropbox download page

Once downloaded you will have a folder containing your images in both Print-Ready images and Pre-Sized for MLS/web images

These will be delivered in zip folders which are compressed, so you will need to “unstuff” them or simply create a new folder and drag and drop the images into that new folder.

The delivery email will also contain a link to a free Flickr gallery that is a great way for you and your clients to view the images. This is a free gallery that is not customizable and does not contain a slideshow with music or branding.

Estimated delivery time is 3-10 business days depending on your project and our availability.

Payment/ Copyright

Invoices will be sent by email via Square processing and are to be paid the same day.  Shoots will not be added to the roster for processing until invoices are paid. i.e. If you were quoted 3-5 business days for delivery and your shoot was on Monday and you pay your invoice on Wednesday, the 3-5 business days will start on Wednesday. All shoots are subject to applicable sales tax.  If needed payment arrangements can be made to accept cash or checks.

Please make all checks payable to Brian Cole Photography

It is a good idea to put square into your safe sender’s list

Please be advised of our Copyright/Licensing agreement

Copyright and Licensing
*a personalized agreement will be sent with your images.
Brian Coiner and Brian Cole Photography retain all rights, ownership, and copyrights to all images captured and or processed by Brian Coiner, Brian Cole Photography and all Affiliates. We retain the right to use all of our images for any purpose including but not limited marketing/branding and the selling of these images to third parties i.e. real estate agents, designers, stagers, builders, vendors etc. We give you the client full license to use the images included in this email for business use including but not limited to marketing and branding. That includes the right to reproduce, print, or post on any media including online. These images may not be given or sold in any form. Images are not to be digitally altered, given to third-party businesses such as real estate agents, designers, vendors, clients etc. for their marketing and any other business/personal uses without the written permission of Brian Cole Photography. If images are given or sold to any 3rd party and a miss use of image copyright and or licensing agreement occurs all parties (original license holder(you) , the 3rd party and extended parties) may be subject to all laws and monetary damages. Images must be properly represented as to who (Brian Cole Photography) originally captured them. For all publications please include the photo credit: Brian Cole Photography

If images are found to be used by any party without the purchase of licensing the party found using the images will be contacted and asked to purchase licensing (if available) or discontinue use.  If usage rights are not purchased and or unlicensed images are not removed from any and all media (this includes all social media) within 48 hours of receiving notice an invoice for the full cost of all images found ($75 per image from a real estate shoot, commercial image price based on original project, min price $125 per image) in use will be sent to the said party via email.  For each day the invoice goes unpaid there will be a $25 fee charged per image per day. At the end of 30 days if the total is not paid the claim will be moved to small claims court and capped at $10,000. The party will also be invoiced for any expenses incurred, including but not limited to legal fees and loss of time. This will also be limited by the $10,000 cap given by Texas small claims court unless the situation goes beyond the scope of small claims.  If usage of the images has been discontinued within the allotted time (48 hours) it is the responsibility of the party in to notify Brian Cole Photography in writing/email so that the claim can be investigated and to protect said party from accruing unnecessary charges. Brian Cole Photography is not responsible for how the unlicensed images came into the party’s possession or what the party’s knowledge is about copyright laws or our policies. Our copyright/licensing policies are delivered to each client with every image delivery and can be found on our website at in our Policies page.

If purchase of usage rights is available for the project in question, once the invoice has been paid (either the original invoice, or the original plus non payment fees) licensing for the images will be provided so that the images can be used legally. If the project for whatever reason is not available to the party in question the invoice sent will not be for licensing but for illeagle use of images. The invoice will still need to be payed and all fees and legal actions still apply. Once paid the matter will be setteled but there will be no release of licensing and all usage of all images will still need to be discontinued. When the party is contacted they will be notified whether licensing is available to them or not. There will be no charge if image usage is discontinued within the allotted time.  If usage cannot be disscontinued for whatever reason i.e. it’s already been sent to print etc, an arangement for payment will be made based on the situation.

Booking outside of regular business hours

If you need to book outside of our regular hours (seasonal) the fee is $250.

Booking outside of regular hours is based on availability

Third Party Image Licensing

It’s important to note that images may not be given to third parties. If a third party is interested in using an image from any of our projects they will need to contact us to purchase usage rights.  Please read the Payment/Copyright section on this page for more detail. If images are given to a third party the original client may be faced with charges if the third party chooses not to comply with our terms.

  • Real Estate shoots – Cost for third-party licensing is $75 per image.
  • Commercial shoots – Cost for third-party licensing is based on the original project costs, min $125

Rush orders

(Real Estate Shoots) If you need images before your completed order is delivered you can rush images for $50 per image. Image selection for rush orders will be based on client direction i.e. Front exterior, kitchen, master bedroom etc. the final selection will be made by Brian Cole Photography.