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Commercial Pricing

Commercial Pricing

  • $100 per image
  • Min purchase of 5 images per hour
  • Contracts and deposits are required to book this shoot.

Commercial Cost-Sharing

Commercial cost-sharing is for multi-party jobs i.e. Builder + Architect, etc.

  • A $500 cost-sharing fee, per additional party is added to the total and then the total is split between all parties.
  • i.e. A $1,500 project is booked by the Builder, then the designer decides to join the project before the shoot takes place. $500 is added to the total $1,500 + $500 = $2,000  This is split down the middle and now they each only pay $1,000
  • If a third party would like to license images after the shoot has already taken place, the cost is $150 per image.
  • All parties enjoying the savings of cost-sharing are required to be on the original contracts, pay their portion of the deposit, and all invoices must be paid before any images are delivered to any of the joined parties.

Commercial deposits & cancelation/reschedule

100% of the estimate total is due upon completion of location work (advance invoice). Job cancellation within 72 hours = 25% of total estimate fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 48 hours = 50% of total estimate fees, plus all incurred expenses. Job cancellation within 24 hours = 100% of total estimate fees, plus all incurred expenses.

Commercial Payments

Invoices will be sent by email and are to be paid the same day. Shoots will not be added to the roster for processing until invoices are paid.  i.e. If you were quoted 2 business days for delivery and your shoot was on Monday and you pay your invoice on Wednesday, the 2 business days will start on Wednesday.

  • If your payment must go through accounting and checks have to be written and mailed please keep in mind that this will affect the completion and delivery date for both you and any parties who are a part of the job.
  • all photography is subject to applicable sales tax


$100 per image


Because our prices are so low and our shoot time is so short we don’t typically scout locations.

If you would like us to come out to scout a location we are happy to book an appointment with you.

  • $200  up to one hour
  • $500 up to 2 hours