Salt and Light

Brian Cole Photography has made a name for itself serving the top 1% of Austin’s Luxury Real Estate market. Bridging the gap between Architectural Photography and Luxury Real Estate. A Company built on the craft by a 3rd generation photographer who was raised to appreciate and respect it.

We have broadened our service by introducing Salt and Light by Brian Cole Photography, a new service that caters to everyone.

The experience and training of Brian Cole Photography blended with the affordability and convenience of traditional HDR Real Estate Photography. Our mission is to bring the future into focus. The future of your business, your client, and the buyer out there that isn’t surfing the web for looking for a listing, but is waiting and hoping for that feeling they’ll get when they see their new home. Your listing matters, we believe the photography should matter as well.

For more info and for booking please visit  (512) 578-9882